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Assignment 1 - Representing diverse tree species of the Rocky Mountains.


In this assignment, you will be working with shapefiles that are Digital Representations of Tree Species Range Maps from
You are to create a map of Colorado which clearly shows the range of four species of tree simultaneously on the same map.


Download shapefiles for the following tree species in North America: Ponderosa Pine, Quaking Aspen, Rocky Mountain Juniper, and Blue Spruce

Unzip the contents of your zip files and put them into a new folder called "trees." Also put in this folder a copy of the shapefile for 'states' from the ESRIdata folder for the US on the C: drive.

Open ArcView with a new view and add the "states" basemap shapefile, and add all the shapefiles in the "trees" folder. Save the project as 'RM_trees' in the same folder as the shapefiles. As you click on the checkbox in the legend to view the data, notice that the ranges of these tree species overlap in many places. Zoom in on the state of Colorado and arrange the layers of tree species in a logical order for display in the legend (smallest extent on top, widest extent below, basemap on the bottom). Your assignment is to clearly represent the range of all the tree species on the same map bearing in mind the "perceptual limitations of the map reader."

Obviously using solid filled colors for each layer will not allow you to see more than one species at once. Double click on each theme in the legend to bring up the legend editor. Double click on the symbol to bring up the palette window. Using the 'fill pallete' and 'color pallet' (foreground and background) to create transparent layers that clearly show several layers of data at once.

Using the theme editor, change the name of each theme in the legend to something more understandable (e.g. 'Quaking Aspen' instead of poputrem).

Finish the map in the layout view including a title, scale-bar, and compass rose.

Submit the project by the end of class on two floppy disks. Make sure the project opens