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Regional News Presentation
worth 20 points:

You must give a presentation on a recent news story taking place in your assigned world region. Each individual will have up to ten minutes to lecture about a news story, and relate the story to the geography of the region, and/or on the geographic concepts we are covering that week. This presentation will stand in place of the map portion of that week's quiz.


BBC News Links
The Flying Inkpot's News Links
Christian Science Monitor

Presentation evaluation:

(To be filled out during each presentation by fellow students)

Please evaluate your peers by giving them a score out of 4 for the following categories:
(Please write additional constructive critiques and comments on the back).

Title of talk:________________________________ Your name_________________

1. _____ Use of graphics, overheads, maps, & pictures for illustration.

2. _____ Use geographic concepts, processes, or aspects related to the story.

3. _____ Organization, content, and focus: did the group provide an in-depth analysis of a well-defined set of stories?

4. _____Overall impression: was it a quality educational experience?

5. _____ Integration of different speakers and topics: was the order logical and complementary?


Please use the following grading criteria:

6 = perfect.
5 = outstanding, amazing work!
4 = good job, well done.
3 = average job, fulfilled the assignment.
2 = some problems, but a good attempt.
1 = a poor attempt, a lack of focus, a disjointed list of trivia.
0 = left out, unprepared, last minute, a waste of class time, read from an encyclopedia.

Personal Evaluation:

(Optional: due the day after your group presentation.)

In a few sentences, please describe your contribution to the group's presentation in terms of time, meetings, research, etc. Can be handed in or e-mailed (save a copy).