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GIS 302 make-up assignment

Annotated bibliography of map services for ArcExplorer Web

Please submit an annotated bibliography of at least three map services for each hour of class missed.

Due: by the last day of the course.

In this assignment, you will contribute to an online annotated bibliography of map services for ArcExplorer Web. This bibliography will help students quickly find the kinds of maps and data they need for their projects.


Open the following webpage

Then launch ArcExplorer Web by clicking on the link.

Click the "add services button" and choose to "look in" ESRI (the geography network). Then click ok.

Listed you will find nearly one hundred map services listed by such names as:
AF_Lands, Atlas_Airports, Atlas_Aquifers, etc.

While some of these names are descriptive, they don't give enough information about what data they include. Please load up services you find interesting and give a detailed description of what data they contain.specifically:

Content Title:
Coverage Area:
Service Type:
What are the names of all the themes and layers and what kind of information do they include? What kind of dataset (raster/vector) is it?
What kind of additional attribute information is available in the accompanying tabular data?
(i.e. some census data for block groups includes age groups, marital status, income, race, ethnicity, rental status, language ability etc.)

Additional comments and description of the dataset that would be of value to fellow students.

For more information see metatdata