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Final Project #2 for GIS 303 - 250 points

Must be turned in before your presentation on the last day of class. The last day of class will be taken up entirely by presentations, so do NOT expect to use classtime to work on your project. Try to have your project completed by 5/15!

Make at least one formal map that shows the results of your research. Submit both a map of the results, and a detailed paragraph explaining the original research question, the method of analysis, and a description of the results.

You must submit both a printout of the final map (black & white), and an image of the final map* - to be copied to the instructor's disk the last day of class. Additional data may be used from the ESRI datasets available on the computers in lab, the CD, and other online sources.

Each map and project must have a proper title and proper bibliography of the metadata (tell me what kind and where the data came from).

Final Presentation - last day of class - 100 points

Open your final map(s) in a browser to illustrate your talk. State your original research question and then briefly explain the method of analysis and a description of the results. Please refer to the map during your presentation and leave some time to answer questions.

You will only have 9 minutes total (including time for questions) and one little glitch could easily eat up all your time. That is why I would suggest trying to save images rather than trying to run the GIS programs live during your presentation. Try exporting the maps* and charts you create as .jpg files which are small and can be read by any browser.

The most important aspect of the final presentation is that everyone have a back-up plan so if the software or hardware don't cooperate, you can still have something to show and talk about. That is why you must also have a printout of your map that can be used in case of technical difficulties.

*To export a .jpg image of a map from ArcView 3.2, choose 'export' from the file menu. In the dialog that appears, choose 'jpeg' from the pop-up menu on the lower left that says 'List Files of Type.' Give the file a name in the upper left and save it to your own disc (navigate to it using the fields to the right). Once you have saved a jpg image of your map to your disc, check-out how it looks in an internet browser. To do so, open a browser (i.e. internet explorer or netscape) and choose 'open' from the file menu. Navigate to the map you just saved to open it.

What Is a Good Map?
Elements found on virtually all maps