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Assignment 2A

Connections to the Rainforest.

due: October 19

As an inhabitant of a core area of the fast world, you base your sustenance on biological and non-renewable resources from distant sources, often including the ecosystems in which indigenous people live. . . Many indigenous people are among the names on the lists of the endangered. These peoples, their cultures, their pools of knowledge, and their way of life have long been perceived as "obstacles to development."

Use the following worksheet to gather ideas for your essay. This worksheet is for your own analysis, but will NOT be turned in. Submit as a formal essay following these guidelines: evaluation of essay assignments. Don't forget to include full citations and a bibliography to tell me where you got your information.

Do research in the library and on the internet, then answer the following questions about how you are connected to the livelihood of the world's rainforests and rainforest peoples:

1) What are some resources you get directly from forests? (List at least five specific products you consume that come from a rainforest).


2) How do your personal consumption patterns affect how the forest is developed? Which of the products you buy comes from a healthy rainforest? Which products are produced by destroying the forest?



3) How might you change your consumer habits to be less destructive to rainforests?



Audubon Society Shade Coffee Campaign
Global Exchange

4) Why should you care if a forest on another continent gets destroyed? Why should you care if the indigenous culture of that forest disappears?


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