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Assignment 3C:

Bioprospecting and Preserving Biodiversity

Due on November 16

Hilary French [p.31], vice present for research at the Worldwatch Institute, argues that "bioprospecting" is a possible strategy for making the preservation of biological diversity pay. She notes that drug and seed companies have long used the genetic diversity of the developing world to create new products. Yet even when a traditional crop variety proves essential for breeding a new line of seeds, or when a wild plant yields a valuable new drug, corporations have rarely paid anything for access to the resource.

This argument has the potential to make it more profitable for biologically rich countries to preserve their natural wealth than to destroy it. Additionally, rapid advances in biotechnology rely on a rich natural storehouse of genetic material and could thus boost bioprospecting returns substantially.

Using this resource and the above arguments, present your view.

This exercise is from the textbook website: Chapter 8 - Critical Thinking

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