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Assignment 4B:

The Site and Situation of American Cities

due: December 7

Pick any major American city to research and e-mail Alan your choice - one student per city (list below).

In order to complete the assignment, you will also require maps at various scales to analyze the city's site and situation. That means you need to zoom in to look at your city's morphology, and zoom out to analyze its relative location and hinterland. You'll need to do additional research on the internet, and in the library to find out about the city's geography and history.

You will hand in one illustrated essay on paper. The essay should include about 500-800 words of text and at least three maps or aerial photos from the online atlases to make it a 3-5 page document.

To submit the essay on paper: If you do not know enough about computers to illustrate the essay, simply print out the maps, cut and manually paste your assignment together.

Create an illustrated essay describing the geography of your city in terms of its

Explore some of these relevant questions:

When doing library research, photocopy relevant maps to illustrate the points you make in your assignment.

When doing internet research, print the map, or save it as a file to be edited, formatted, and printed.

Cities already taken:
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Washington DC

U.S. Historical City Maps
City Maps from
Maps of U.S. Metropolitan Areas (1970))
Links to city maps

instructions on how to hand in assignments

citations and bibliographies

evaluation of essay assignments

geography research on the web