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Organizing in Cyberspace

Due on December 7

(Choose one to submit as your own individual essay)


Neighborhoods Online - is an organization that provides information to neighborhood groups about using the internet for community organizing. Look at their NetActivism: How Citizens Use the Internet - and explore three of the groups listed. (look below at Features: Links to other stories)Tell us how these groups are using new information technologies (IT) to further their goals. Discuss how these 'virtual geographies' can transcend 'real' geographies, and how new technologies may serve to alleviate core-periphery differences in cyberspace.


The Zapatistas in Cyberspace site contains an extensive discussion of the role that the Internet has played in the Zapatista revolution in southern Mexico. Review the site and two major resources that discuss the issue of the Zapatistas in cyberspace. How might the Internet come to play a role in future local conflicts, making them, as in the case of the Zapatistas, global conflicts?

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