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Schedule of Assigned Readings

Geography 10 - Winter 2000 - Forsberg

(Last updated March 15, 2000)

*This schedule is subject to change*

Keep up to date. Attend class, check this schedule
and the class calendar
If you need reasonable accommodations based on a documented disability, have emergency information to share or require special arrangements in case of emergency evacuation, please make a confidential appointment with me within the first two weeks of class.
The class webpage can be accessed by typing the following address into an internet browser:

  Week One

Introduction to geography: basic geographic concepts, tools, and theory, regions.

Geography 99/00:

#1-"The Four Traditions of Geography" 
#15- "The Importance of Places . . ."

"Overviews" beginning pp. 8, 48, 88, 138, 174

Building Geographic Literacy (BGL): Chapter 1

Lecture on Regions

Selected World Wide Web Sites for: Geography 99/00

Assignment A: Make a Map
due the Wednesday before your presentation.

 No Quiz Week One

Web links are not required reading unless specified. Required links will be posted in the same box as the the textbook readings (above).

Web sites week one: Introduction to the World Wide Web

Glossary of Internet Terms

Atlas of Cyberspaces 1, 2

 Important announcements posted between weeks.

 Week Two

Global grid, maps, thematic maps, projections, scale, the importance of place, spatial interaction and behavior, scales of space and time. Introduction to culture: representations and perceptions of the world.

Geography 99/00: 

#2- "The American Geographies . . ." 
#19- "Does it Matter Where you Are?"

Building Geographic Literacy: Chapter 2, & pp. 31-55

Assignment B: Cartographic Communication

Map Projections Examples

Quiz 1:
Study the first two week's readings, & on the blank world map found on p.35 of BGL, be able to find the continents listed in Building Geog. Lit. p.33 and the waterways listed in table 3-1 on p.55.

Web sites week two - Map Related Sites

Terra cognita

Quizzes normally cover everything since the last quiz including all assigned readings and anything covered in class, as well as assigned locations on maps of the regions we are currently covering.

 Week Three

Thinking Globally: ecological relationships, systems theory & global climate change. Research about your assigned region.

 Geography 99/00:
#6- "The Coming Climate" 

Handout on Systems Theory

Building Geographic Literacy: Read the chapter about your assigned region (this may coverr more than one chapter) and do some research in the library and on the internet.

(recommended: G99/00 #3 "NASA Readies",#4 "Human Domination", #5 "Counting the Cost", #10- "The Great Climate Flip-Flop", #11 "Temperature Rising", #39 "Risky Business")

Assignment C: Mapping Data with Online GIS

Regional Group Presentations

 Quiz 2:
Study this week's readings, the chapter(s) in BGL about your region, & study the 3 blank world map projections handed out in class, be able to find the same continents and waterways from Quiz 1.
Websites week three - Global Warming 
Electromagnetic Spectrum- NASA 

 Week Four 1/24-1/26 

The Geography of North American Cities, communities, & peoples, The "American Dream", urban sprawl, transportation technology, social systems, urban morphology.

 Geography 99/00:

#8- "America's Rush to Suburbia"
#24- "Transportation and Urban Growth . . ." 
#28- " Do We Still Need Skyscrapers?"

Building Geographic Literacy: Chapter 4

(recommended: G99/00 #17 "Metropolis Unbound", #26 County Buying Power", #29 "Indian Gaming", #30 "For Poorest")

Assignment D: American Cities

 Quiz 3: 
Study this week's readings, & be able to locate assigned locations in North and South America:

Mexico city, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Lima, and the cities on the map p.77 (in BGL), All of the places and countries mentioned in article 36 "Hispanics don't Exist"

Websites week four - Urban Geography

Native American Sites 
North American Maps USGS


Week Five 


Latinos in the U.S., El Niño

  Geography 99/00: 
#9- "The Season of El Niño"
#36- "Hispanics' Don't Exist"

Building Geographic Literacy: Chapter 13

(recommended: G99/00 #35 "The Changing Geography")

Assignment E: Connections to the Rainforest.

No Quiz Week Five


Rainforest Links

 A difficult week coming up, your quiz covers dozens of countries and lots of reading.

 Week Six

Nations and States of Europe and the Newly Independent States: nations, states, regions, borders and languages. Dawn of the industrial revolution.

  Geography 99/00: 
#37 "Russia's Population Sink"
#38 "Vanishing Languages"

Building Geographic Literacy: Chapters 5, 6

Assignment F: - The Search for the True Nation-State

Caucasus Ethnolinguistic Groups


 Quiz 4: Study the last two week's readings, & on a blank regional map, be able to find the assigned locations of Europe & FSU (USSR):

All the countries mentioned in the readings related to language, the industrial revolution, and the countries of the Balkan Penninsula, the Iberian Penninsula, and Central Asia. The Alps mountains, the Rhine River, the Danube River.


 Ethnologue Database, Special Languages, Geographic Distribution of Living Languages 
Historical Maps of The Balkans
Bosnia Maps, Bosnia Relief Map, Bosnia Ethnic Majorities 1991 
The BosnianVirtual Fieldtrip


Study Guide

MIDTERM Monday 2/14

 Week Seven

MIDTERM Monday 2/14

East Asian economic development and population.

Geography 99/00:
#23 "Demographic Clouds on China's Horizon"

Building Geographic Literacy: Chapter 8

Assignment G: - Mapping Populations


No Quiz Week Seven

 Demography and population, Population Clocks-U.S. Census Bureau

 Week Eight

Population in South Asia

Geography 99/00:
#31 "Before the Next Doubling"

Building Geographic Literacy: Chapter 9

(recommended: G99/00 #12 "Dammed if You Do")

Assignment H: Online Geography Glossary


Quiz 5:
Study readings assigned since the midterm, and on a blank regional map, be able to find the countries of East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East (Southwest Asia only) and the following rivers: Tigris, Euphrates, Jordan, Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra, Chang Jiang (Yangtse), Huang Ho (Yellow)

Population Geography from

Animated population pyramid for the U.S.

Week Nine

Population and water resources in the Middle East and North Africa

Geography 99/00:
#21 "Water Resource Conflicts"

Building Geographic Literacy: Chapter 12

(recommended: G99/00 #7 "The Emergence of Gasahol", #22 "Boomtown Baku", #32 The End of Cheap Oil)

Assignment I: Plan a Trip

No Quiz Week Nine  
  A difficult week coming up, your quiz covers dozens of countries and lots of reading.

 Week Ten

Colonialism, Development and Agriculture in Africa South of the Sahara.

  Geography 99/00:
#33 "Reseeding the Green Revolution"

Building Geographic Literacy: Chapter 11

(recommended: G99/00 #34 "How Much Food")

Assignment J: Mapping Core and Periphery

 Quiz 6:
Study the last two week's readings, & on a blank regional map, be able to find countries in all of Africa and relate them to their colonial origins. You should also know the locaton of the Nile, Niger, and Congo rivers, and Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Nyasa.
  Alan's Africa Links

  Week Eleven

Globalization and core-Periphery relations in Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia.

  Geography 99/00:
#16- "Rise of the Region State"

Building Geographic Literacy: Chapter 7, 10

Quiz 7:
Study this week's readings, & on a blank regional map, be able to find the countries of Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia and relate them to their colonial origins .You should also know the locaton of the Mekong and Red Rivers as well as the following islands: Borneo, Sumatra, New Guinea, Jawa, Timor.

Week Twelve


Final Exam
Section 03 @ 6:00 p.m.
Final Exam Scheduled on Wednesday March 22 at 6:15 pm
 Final midterm exam covers weeks 7-11  Final Study Guide

*Readings abbreviations:
BGL - Building Geographic Literacy
G99/00 - Geography 99/00