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 Readings Schedule for 
World Geography

Summer 2001 - Forsberg

 This Schedule is Subject to Change
 (Last updated July 25, 2001)
Attend class and check this schedule online to keep up to date.

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Topics and Links
  Week One 6/21   Chapter 1

 Geography Matters
Maps and cognitionTerra cognita, diffusion
Map projections, Spatial interaction
 Week Two
 Chapters 2, 3

The Changing Global Context
Development of Core Areas, Colonialism in Africa
Geographies of Population
Population: distribution, structure, measurement, debates.
 Week Three
 Chapters 4 & "Culture and Geography" pp.189-202; "Interpreting Places and Landscapes" pp.229-244

Nature, Society, and Technology
Nature as a Concept
Cultural Landscapes
Culture and Geography

Midterm on Thursday 7/5
(study guide)
 Week Four
 Chapters 7, 8 & "Place Marketing"  pp.244-249

Geography of Economic Development
International division of labor, Development in the Modern World: theories & pathways
Agriculture and Food Production 
Agriculture and soils, Modern Agriculture
 Week Five
 Chapters 9, 10 & "Language and Nationalism" pp.202-213

The Politics of Territory and Space
Nations, states, nation-states, boundaries and shapes of states
Introduction to urbanization and cities, location, functions, origins, Urban location: ancient and modern cities, urban hierarchy, central place theory
 Week Six
 Chapter 11, 12 & "Culture and Identity" pp.213-219 "Postmodern Spaces" 257-265

City Spaces: Urban Structure
 Internal structure of cities: models of city structure. Problems of the inner city: urban renewal, urbanization problems.
Future Geographies
Future Geographies, Development as discourse

Final on Thursday 7/26

(study guide)

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