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Geography 4

Weekly Discussion Sections

   (last updated: December 3, 2001)
This Schedule is subject to change. Check the online version for updates!
 All assigned readings are from the course readers.
The first chapter of the textbook and discussion readings for weeks 1- 3 are on reserve in the Earth Science Library at McCone Hall.
The success of the discussion section depends on your participation, so it is important to complete the assigned readings before you come to the discussion section. Students leading discussion MUST arrange a time to meet with the instructor as a group.

 Discussion Section Guidelines

 Beginning date

 Topic and Readings


Aug 28
Reader: Latitude, Longitude, Infinitude pp.3-15


Sept 4
Reader: An English Speaking World pp16-43


Sept 11

group 1
Patterns of subsistence
Reader: Setting the Scene and Yanomami Apocalypse pp.44-61
discussion homework wk 3
Tuesday's discussion has been canceled.


Sept 18
group 2
 Economic and social impacts of globalization
Reader: Manufacturing Poverty, The Maquiladorization of Mexico and Bioinvasion pp.62-70
discussion homework wk 4
Assignment #1 due
geography research on the web


Sept 25
group 3
Population Policies
Reader: Taking Population Seriously pp.71-78
discussion homework wk 5


Oct 2
group 4
Conflicting interests in the Amazon rainforest
Reader: Big Business in the Amazon pp.79-91
discussion homework wk 6


Oct 9
group 5
Landscape and Cultural Geography
Reader: The Heritage of Cultural Geography pp.92-100
discussion homework wk 7


Oct 16
group 6
Environmental degradation: pollution
Reader: The Business of America: Environmentalism and the Economy pp.101-115 discussion homework wk 8
Assignment #2 due October 19th


Oct 23
group 1
Reader: California's Golden Road to Riches pp.116-132
discussion homework wk 9


Oct 30
group 2
 Patterns of Agriculture Traditional vs. Modern
Reader: The Harvest: Mayan farming techniques  and Land Labs and Tainted Corn pp.133-146
discussion homework wk 10

 Nov 6
group 3
 Agriculture: effects of the Green Revolution
Reader: Women and the Green Revolution pp.147-151
Online only: Nobel Laureates Appeal for a Culture of Nonviolence
discussion homework wk 11
  12  Nov 13
group 4
Geography Awareness Week: Rivers
Online only: NGOs tell World Bank that Bujagali Dam is "too flawed"
IRN's Bujagali Campaign
Read for Lecture (in 2nd reader): "Empty Promises: The Elusive Benefits of Large Dams"
Assignment #3 due Friday 11/16
discussion homework wk 12

The second reader will be ready to pick-up October 30 at Copy Central, 2560 Bancroft Way, Berkeley. Ph:(510) 848-8649.


Nov 20
 Thanksgiving: discussion sections will not meet this week


Nov 27
group 5
 Urban Geography
2nd Reader: "Cultural Identity, Sexual Liberation and Urban Structure: the Gay Community in San Francisco"
discussion homework wk14


Dec 5
group 6
 Urban Geography
2nd Reader # 3: "The Responsible City"
Assignment #4 due Friday 12/7 - by 1:00pm - not by e-mail!
discussion homework wk15

 No Discussion will be held during finals week.

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